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Lost and Found Pets

If you are looking for general information on lost or found animals, Mission Reunite provides many different useful resources. Be sure to check out all of their different suggestions on how to either find your pet or reunite a pet with her owner. If you are looking for information about lost or found pets in Norman, please read the sections below.

Lost Pets

If you've lost your pet, please call Norman Animal Welfare Center at (405) 292-9736 or use their online report to notify the shelter. You can also search for your pet to see if she has been found or is at the shelter by searching this page.

If you email the shelter, make sure you include the following information about your pet:

  • Your name, address, and phone number(s) where you can be reached

  • The address where your pet went missing

  • The date your pet went missing

  • The name, age, and sex of your pet and whether or not s/he has been spayed and neutered

  • Your pet’s color(s) and any distinguishing markings

  • Whether or not your pet was wearing a collar and include a description of the collar

  • A current picture of your pet -- one that shows your pet’s whole body and 2 different views are preferable

Gray Cat Under Coffee Table

Norman Animal Welfare encourages you to come by and walk through the facility to look for your pet and to consider coming back a few days later. Although the staff works hard to reunite you with your pet, sometimes pets look alike or our description may be slightly different than yours so it’s best if you can come by and look. The staff does monitor commonly used Facebook pages and emails to try get pets back with their owners quickly and safely.


Here are some additional suggestions people have found useful:

Post pictures and information on the frequently used Facebook page for lost pets. Join and follow the page to receive updates.

             Norman Area Lost, Found, and Adoptable Shelter Pets

If your pet is microchipped, call the company and make sure your information is current and updated. Some microchips offer lost and found services such as sending information to all of the local veterinary clinics and shelters with a poster on your missing pet as well. 

Consider using a few of the popular online apps:                                          



Missing Cat?

Missing Dog?

House Cat
Dog Outside

Found Pets

If you found a pet, make sure you report the animal to Norman Animal Welfare Center. You can either call the shelter at (405) 292-9736 or report the animal as found and search through lost pets using the online portal. We encourage people to take any lost animals to Norman Animal Welfare Center since this is likely the first place owners will look for their pet. If the owner is not found, the pet will be spayed or neutered, microchipped, receive a city pet license, and be adopted out.

If you don't take the animal to the shelter, make sure you have the animal scanned for a microchip. Any of the local veterinary clinics will scan the animal for you. If it's after hours, the Animal Emergency Center of Norman is available to scan pets at 2121 McKown Drive. 

In addition, consider posting a picture of the animal on the popular local lost and found page. Include when the pet was found and the nearest cross section as well as your contact information.

             Norman Area Lost, Found, and Adoptable Shelter Pets

Vet Examining Dog

If the animal is injured and it is after hours, you can contact dispatch at (405) 321-1600 to arrange to have an animal welfare officer pick-up the animal. 

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