Low Cost Spays and Neuters

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Central OK Humane Society

6002 S. Western Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73139


Animal Wellness Center

5720 South Pennsylvania Ave

Oklahoma City, OK  73119


926 S.W. 4th St.
Moore, OK, 73160
(405) 217-9700


Animal Birth Control 

5027 Spencer Rd 

Spencer, OK 73084
(405) 625-6574


Best Friends of Pets Spay and Neuter Assistance

The City of Norman provides funding for low income families to spay or neuter their pets for either free or low cost. If you are interested in applying for this program, Best Friends of Pets  processes and verifies all of the applications. If you have any questions about the program or would like to fill out an application to mail in, you can find the information here. If you are interested in applying online, you can fill out the online application below.

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To qualify for the program, you will need to provide income verification that can be uploaded on to the form. Methods of income verification include:

  •        Copy of SoonerCare, OKDHS, or Supplemental Security Income benefits (see OKDHSLive.org to print a copy)

  •        Social Security Disability award letter

  •        Social Security statement

  •        Federal Form 1040 tax return page 1

Family Size                 Annual Income            Monthly Income












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Online Application

You will need to submit a separate application for each pet. The form can not be submitted unless you attach your income verification. The completed application will be processed by Best Friends of Pets. Once it has been processed, you will either have the processed application emailed or mailed back to you.

On the day of the appointment, you will need to take the pre-approved application that has been mailed or emailed back to you and proof of your pet's rabies vaccination. You can elect to have the rabies done at the time of the surgery for $5 if you pre-pay with the application. If you do not have proof of rabies vaccination on the day of the surgery and you have not pre-paid for the vaccination, you will be charged the clinic's normal fees. 


    SpayXperts - no fee for surgery, $5 for rabies vaccination if pre-paid

    Main Street Veterinary Clinic or Cats Only Clinic $10 for cats and $20 for dogs for surgery, $5 for rabies vaccination if pre-paid


If you make a payment but do not qualify for assistance, your payment will be returned. Here are your options for payment:

  • CashApp - Make payment to $stfrancisarc 

  • Venmo - Make payment to @Saint-Francis-1

  • Facebook - Use our donation button to make a payment

  • If you would like to use a check or money order, make the payment to Best Friends of Pets and send it to 

               Best Friends of Pets

               PO Box 14547

               Oklahoma City, OK 73113-0547


Once you receive your approved application from Best Friends of Pets in the mail (or email), you can call the participating clinic of your choice and tell them you have an approved Spay Neuter Assistance Program application and you need to make your appointment.

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