The following resources are provided to help decide what is best for your pet family. Although we collaborate with many people, organizations, and businesses, we encourage you to research each resource individually to assure it is appropriate for your situation. If you cannot find the help you need in the following resources and are considering surrendering your pet to Norman Animal Welfare, please read our Resource Packet and contact our team. Don't know where to start? Visit our Contact page to let us know a little about the assistance you are needing so we can start you in the right direction.

Spay and Neuter
Pet Food Pantry
Pet Food Pantry
Pet Behavior


Care Credit


Care Credit offers financing for the whole family, including your furry family member. Care Credit is accepted by most veterinarians and functions much like a credit card. The card can be used for routine care, as well as emergencies and surgeries. You can apply in person wherever Care Credit is accepted or you can visit the Care Credit website to apply online.

Bella Foundation

The Bella Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Oklahoma City created to assist low-income, elderly, or terminally ill pet owners with the cost of veterinary care when it cannot be afforded and also find permanent loving homes for rescued animals. Please visit the Bella Foundation website to review the guidelines to be considered for their program.


Your friends and family may be more than willing to help you with your veterinary expenses. is a nonprofit service that will help you set up an account for urgent medical care for your pet and will help you promote the account through social media. The nonprofit requires you have an estimate from a veterinarian and the money will be paid directly to the clinic of your choice. 

Go Fund Me


Consider making a Go Fund Me page with an explanation of why you need help and an endearing photo of you and your companion. You might be surprised how many of your loved ones want to help you. If you use Go Fund Me, a portion of the proceeds are paid to the organization whereas when you use Waggle, all of the contributions go directly towards the care of your pet but you will be required to provide an estimate for your pet's care.


The Pet Fund

The Pet Fund is a national non-profit association that provides financial assistance to owners who need veterinary care. They only provide assistance for pets that need treatment that is non-urgent and non-routine. The Pet Fund typically has a waiting list. Please visit the Pet Fund website to review the instructions to apply for assistance.


Harley's Hope Foundation


Harley's Hope Foundation is another national non-profit association that provides financial assistance for low-income families needing unforeseen veterinary care. Please visit the Harley's Hope Foundation website to review the guidelines to be considered for their program.


The iCare program is a lender that charges 15% of your veterinary bill for providing you a loan. The balance can be paid off interest free and you determine the specifics of the repayment with iCare. There is currently only one local veterinary clinic, Pet Vet, that has an iCare account and they require you to have applied and been denied by Care Credit before they will accept loans from this lender. In addition, the services your pet needs must exceed $200 and they require 30% of the total bill upfront. 

Other Resources

Are you looking for other resources or do you live outside the Norman city limits? Here is a list of other nonprofits that provide resources in our state.



Sometimes basic pet supplies and food is all that is needed to keep a pet with their family. Please use our contact page to tell us what supplies you are needing. If were are currently unable to provide a product, we can network with other organizations or ask for donations through our social media outlets. Norman Animal Welfare also keeps donated pet food and supplies in their lobby which can be accessed during regular business hours.



Moving with Pets

Moving can provide any number of challenges. Not only can it be difficult to find housing that allows pets, but renters are often required to pay a costly deposit as well. Fortunately, there are many pet friendly rental properties in Norman. You can search for pet friendly rental properties using websites like ApartmentGuide, ApartmentList, Adobo, or Craigslist.

Do you have your heart set on a place but you don’t think they will allow pets? Use these tips to see if your potential landlord will consider letting you lease with your furry family member.


For general information on leasing, especially if you are having legal issues with your current landlord, you can visit the Humane Society’s website for information on renting with pets.

Outdoor Pets

If your pet is outside on a tether or chain, please contact UnchainOK to see if they can provide you with assistance.

If you are unable to keep your pet indoors and need assistance finding appropriate outdoor shelter, please use our contact page for available options.



We understand that sometimes families need to rehome their pet. Sometimes

an animal isn’t the right fit for your house or other obligations in your life prevent

you from being able to care for your pet. We are still committed to try to find

solutions other than the shelter and we have some alternatives for you.


If you would like to rehome your pet yourself, we highly recommend Adopt-a-Pet and we have an account with the organization. Unable to fill out the application for some reason? Call us! We can put your pet on our account and help you rehome your pet! Do you want to fill out your own profile? Click on "Learn More". 


Looking for another option? Try Get Your Pet.


If you haven’t already downloaded our resource packet, make sure you take a

look at it. There are several additional suggestions and supplies to try rehoming

your pet yourself.

If you need to find an organization to rehome your pet for you, try Oklahoma Humane or Bella Foundation's owner surrender services. There is often a waiting list for these organizations, so you may still want to consider using an online service like Adopt-a-Pet or the resource packet.



If you are needing to go to a alcohol or drug related facility, there are some facilities that allow pets. Try the website to find one near you.


If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can search for facilities that will make arrangements for your pet(s) near you by entering your zip code in the website for the Animal Welfare Institute. In Norman, the Women’s Resource Center has Daisy’s Place, a temporary kennel to make sure your beloved friend stays safe. If you’re in an abusive situation and need financial assistance for your pet, try Red Rover.


Are you preparing to be deployed? Here are some websites that can help you find a foster family for your pet:


        Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet

        Operation Noble Foster

        Dogs on Deployment

        Pact for Animals


Do you have health issues that require you find temporary care for your pet? You can apply for a foster through Pact for Animals.

If you can find someone willing to foster your pet, we have a sample of a contract for you to use here. There are a lot of details

about the arrangement from your perspective as well as the person willing to foster your pet, so be sure to read it all thoroughly.


Do you still have problems or questions? Try giving us a call and we’ll see if we can help.