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Food and Shelter Vaccine Clinic

First of all, welcome to our blog! We'll be keeping you updated on what we've been doing, current events, educational posts and also some stories of animals in our community!

I was a good boy, can I please have a treat?

On Sunday, July 14th, we partnered with Food and Shelter for Friends here in Norman to provide a vaccination and microchip event for their clients. Assisting people with not only being able to keep their pets, but also keep their pets safe and healthy is our main focus at St. Francis. Partnering with organizations like Food and Shelter allows us to better provide services to those who need it the most.

This was our first vaccination clinic put on by St. Francis and we think we're off to a great start! We had 2 cats and 14 dogs come in for services for a total of 16 animals. We were able to provide yearly vaccinations, deworming, microchips, spay and neuter information, flea and tick treatment, and nail trims to all the animals. We also had a supply area where owners had access to food, bowls, collars and leashes, treats, toys, blankets and other supplies to keep their animals happy.

Jessica is making sure cute puppies feel loved during their exam.

All of these services were provided free of charge! The only payments we received for doing this clinic were wagging tails, cuddles, and some very wet kisses. While we do love this form of "payment," the cost of services for each pet is about $25. So, that's where our donors come in. For just a small donation of $25, you can provide a wonderful pet with needed vaccinations and care. For $25 dollars a month, you can help keep 12 animals a year in their homes!

Sometimes, you just have to help out a friend eating their treat

No donation is too small and your donations go directly to providing services to the animals of Norman. We are also in need of supplies. Things we are looking for are dog or cat food (We do accept open bags!), crates, collars, leashes, bowls, toys, and mostly anything you think the animals in our community would benefit from. Some of the people-y things we use for clinics are paper towels, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer and clipboards. So, if you have any of those things laying around, we'd love to have them!

We are so excited to be helping in the community and continuing our mission!

If you are interesting in donating, please reach out to us! We could not do this without the support of the community!

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