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If you find the manual is lacking any information you would find useful or if you encounter a problem with an owner we haven’t foreseen, please let us know. Our volunteer manual is meant to expand with our program so we are always looking for ways to improve it.

Food Information

If the owner needs food and lives in Norman, we can deliver food and leave it by their front door. Once you assign a volunteer to a delivery, the volunteer will receive an email outlining the delivery that needs to be made. The delivery is generally done within the next 48 hours.  You can find information on how to schedule a delivery here

Delivery formula:

Dogs >40 lb receive 20 lb of food

Dogs <40 lb receive 10 lb of food

Cats receive 5 lb of food per cat

Food provided for up to 3 pets


50 lb dog, 10 lb dog, and 2 cats

20 lb dog + 10 lb dog + 5 lb cat + 5 lb cat

For clients that are wanting more than 3 deliveries and for clients that need assistance long-term, send the text/email content for food assistance. In order to receive more than 3 deliveries within a 3 month period or monthly food assistance, the owner must provide proof of income or a benefits letter from DHS and veterinary records on their pets with proof they have been spayed or neutered. If they would like to apply for monthly food assistance but also need assistance with vaccinations or to have their pet spayed or neutered, please send them the email information from those sections of the manual. 


Monthly deliveries are done on the third Saturday of the month. If they are applying for food and don’t have enough to last until the next monthly delivery, go ahead and schedule a delivery.

 If they don’t want food delivered or need it quickly, they can try:

Norman Animal Welfare, 3428 Jenkins Avenue - there is often food available in the lobby during normal hours

Annie's Ruffhouse, 1043 N. University - there is a small outdoor pantry

Second Chance, 4500 24th Ave NW - there is an outdoor pantry


If they live in Oklahoma City, they can try contacting the Oklahoma Pet Food Pantry at or for temporary assistance they can go to the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Center at 2811 SE 29th Street in Oklahoma City. The shelter’s number is 405-316-3663.


If they live in Noble, they can try Heartprints Animal Rescue. They often have food on hand they can distribute. 


If the owner also needs information about low cost vaccinations and subsidized spays and neuters, use the information from this link to create an email.

Vaccinations and Low Cost Veterinary Care

If the owner is wanting to know options for low cost vaccinations, you can text or email them this information. If they would like to attend our vaccination clinic and live in Norman, click on the box "Vax clinic" at the top of the screen for contact information and they will be notified when we schedule a clinic.  If they are disabled and can’t go to an event, we will try and arrange a housecall. If they also need to get their pet spayed or neutered, use the email link from the spay and neuter section.

Food information
Low cost care
Spays and Neuters

There is information and a link to the Norman Animal Welfare program on our website or through the city's website for Norman Animal Welfare. 


Once completed, the owner will either be notified by email or mail (depending on what they indicated on the application). If the owner has any questions regarding approval, they will need to contact Norman Animal Welfare at (405) 561-1477.

Once the owner receives approval, s/he will need to contact one of the participating clinics to schedule an appointment. Information on the participating clinics as well as all of the information about applying for this program is available on our resource page on our website. If the person chooses Norman Animal Welfare, the shelter provides vaccinations and microchipping at no additional charge and transportation is available. If the surgery is done at Main Street Veterinary Hospital, we collaborate with the clinic and provide vaccinations and a microchip at the time of the surgery at no charge. 


Norman has an annual $30,000 grant to provide spays and neuters for animals in low income households. The grant is distributed by Norman Animal Welfare. Pet owners must be Norman residents and submit income verification to qualify for this service. If the pet owner receives any kind of governmental assistance and they live within the Norman city limits, they should be approved.

Vaccination clinic.jpg

If the owner is unhoused but resides in Norman, they can call Norman Animal Welfare at (405) 292-9736 and they will schedule a free spay and neuter, microchipping, and vaccinations for free without and application.

If the person is calling about a neighborhood cat, Norman Animal Welfare Center offers free spays and neuters, vaccinations, and ear tipping for neighborhood cats. The person must drop off and pick up the cat from the shelter on the day of the surgery and the cat will be ear tipped. 

If the owner doesn't believe s/he will qualify for the free services, we have a list of low cost options. The prices listed may no longer be current. 

Low cost veterinary services

For clients outside of Norman, we have a webpage with information on resources throughout the state. 

Spays and Neuters


Dog behavior links

Cat behavior links

Email (*not text*) content for general behavior issues for dogs 

(includes links to individual behavioral issues)

Email (*not text*) content for general behavior issues for cats

(includes links to individual behavioral issues)


If the primary problem is behavioral, we have a number of different education hand-outs available for owners. Here are the options:








We can also forward information on to a trainer or individual who works with behavioral issues for consult. If we have the funds available, we can also sometimes provide consults or training. Dr. Tyler can determine if these options may be possible. We also have some information on local trainers on our website as well as in the links to email responses.


To send an email to an owner with all of the information on resources and specific behaviors for dog behavior issues, use this link


For content for an email on behavior resources for cats, use this link.

Digging dog.jpg
Veterinary Care

Care Credit is available through most veterinarians and functions much like a credit card. If the owner is unable to pay for a veterinary bill, they can apply for credit to pay. Here is the link for Care Credit:

Care Credit


If an owner is declined by Care Credit, Bella Foundation offers financial assistance for some owners needing veterinary services. The owner has to have taken their animal to a veterinarian for an exam and an estimate for care. They are rarely able to pay the entire bill for care, but they can sometimes pay for a portion of the care.

The criteria for application is available here:

Bella Foundation

If the owner wants to apply to Bella Foundation during the interview, the application is here:

Bella Application

In addition, Bella Foundation has a nonprofit veterinary hospital that will see patients with an appointment. The clinic is located in Oklahoma City and the phone number is (405) 286-2827. We have had several clients use their services and they have all seemed happy with the results. 

We may be able to provide services through St. Francis Animal Resource Center, but cap spending at $150 and we request the owner provide proof of income (Social Security Disability award letters, Social Security statements, a copy of page 1-2 of your Federal tax return, or an OKDHS award letter) or proof of unemployment to receive assistance. If the expected expenses are going to exceed $150, we need an estimate for the cost of treatment and the owner must apply for Care Credit and be declined before we can provide additional assistance. If there are extenuating circumstances, let Dr. Tyler know and an exception may be possible.  Get as much information from the owner as possible such as the duration of the animal’s condition, if the animal appears to be declining, and any previous treatments or medications the owner may have tried. The owner will need to fill out the Pet Assistance application.


St. Francis Pet Assistance Application (online)

St Francis Pet Assistance Application (PDF)



Dana and Sandy_edited.jpg

If the owner does not already have an established veterinarian, we ask that s/he use Southwest Veterinary Hospital or SpayXperts. We have used these clinics before and our clients have been really pleased with the service they received and the prices are lower. 


Euthanasias are an exception. If an client feels his/her pet is suffering and s/he cannot afford euthanasia expenses, we can assist them up to $150 without documentation.

Another effective alternative is Waggle. This nonprofit will help owners crowd source funding for veterinary care and they don't take a cut of the funds collected. The owner will be required to fill out their application, provide an estimate of expenses from their veterinarian, and post a link regarding their pet on social media. Any funds collected will be paid directly to the veterinary clinic. 


Other resources include The Pet Fund which provides non-urgent care but has a long waiting list, and Harley’s Hope has assistance for some medical conditions. The owners may want to search online for additional resources, but they will need to carefully read the guidelines as they often have specific criteria for which animals they will assist. 


For email content that includes all of the available resources, click here

Veterinary Care

Litters of Animals

If the owner has a litter of animals, we strongly encourage them to keep the litter until they are at least 8 weeks old and 2 pounds. If the owner lives in Norman, we can try to provide the initial deworming and vaccinations if needed to make sure the animals can be spayed and neutered as quickly as possible and minimize their time in the shelter. We are only able to assist people outside of Norman if we have the time and resources. If you get the age of the puppies or kittens and find out if the mother is already vaccinated we can see what assistance we can provide. Sometimes we can place litters of kittens or puppies in a rescue. If the owners are interested in this option, have them text pictures of the mother and the offspring. If we can get clear, well lit photos it greatly increases the chances a rescue will take the animals.

litter of kittens.jpg

Another option if the owner needs to place the entire litter into rescue is to try OK Humane. There is often a long wait or no availability, so the owner should submit an application as early as possible.

Litters of Animals
Emotional Support Animals

The most important thing to know about Emotional Support Animals is that the designation does not require a person pay for certification. We get a fair number of phone calls from people wanting us to pay for an online certification but this isn't necessary. 

If someone is interested in determining if their pet can be an emotional support animal, they will need to have a licensed health professional write an ESA letter that your pet is part of the therapy treatment plan. An example of how your pet may be if the pet is needed to alleviate anxiety or depression.

For anyone interested on more information on this process, send them to our webpage with information on Emotional Support Animals. 

Feral Cats

Our mission statement is centered on keeping pets with their owner and as such, we do not provide services for feral cats. Their is a local organization, Hands Helping Paws, that is committed to helping feral cat populations. They help with trapping and transporting cats within the city limits for spaying and neutering, but they will not assist with food.

The city of Norman will also assist people who are wanting to get feral cats spayed or neutered. Cats must be in a trap and dropped off Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday from 8:15-8:45a at the shelter and be picked up on the same day from 3:30-5p.

Ear tip.jpg

The cats will receive vaccinations, be ear tipped, a flea preventative will be applied if needed, and the cat will be spayed or neutered. 

Feral cats

Pet Friendly Housing


If the owner is looking for pet friendly housing, here is a list of information about apartments that allow pets:

Pet friendly apartments

ApartmentGuide, ApartmentList, Adobo, or Craigslist are all websites the owners can use to search for pet friendly housing. There are direct links on our website.

Pet Friendly Housing

If the owner needs to rehome their pet, they can either try and rehome the pet themselves through an adoption website, they can surrender their pet by applying through either Bella Foundation or OK Humane, or sometimes we can rehome the pet by posting the animal to rescue (or all of the above).


Adopt-a-Pet and Get-Your-Pet both allow the owner to make a biography for their pet and look through applicants to make sure they think the applicant will be a good fit for their pet. Adopt-a-Pet charges a $50 adoption fee and if the owner uses our link we actually receive that as a donation. Pets that are already spayed or neutered are adopted faster, and the organizations require that anyone who adopts a pet that hasn’t been spayed or neutered get the procedure done. Adopt-a-Pet states that the average time it takes for a pet to be adopted from their site is 2 weeks. If the owner would like to meet a prospective owner in a neutral place, Annie’s Ruffhouse will allow meet and greets as long as they call in advance.


If the owners would like to fill out a surrender form rather than adopt the pet out themselves, OK Humane and Bella Foundation both offer the service if they have availability but there is often a long wait or no availability. 

Bella Foundation Owner Surrender

OK Humane Owner Surrender


If they would like to fill out the forms for Norman Animal Welfare, they still have to call to check for availability and often are placed on a waiting list. The waiting list is often at least a few months long, so they should try other resources. They may be able to rehome the pet themselves and we recommend they use our resource packet for ideas on rehoming their pet.


If they would like us to post a dog or cat for rescue, we ask that they fill out an information sheet and send us a copy along with clear, well lit photos of their pet. (If they aren’t able to fill out the form you can do it over the phone.) The information from the form along with good photographs can be texted or emailed to us. 


Cat information sheet (PDF)

Cat information sheet (online)


Dog information sheet (PDF)

Dog information sheet (online)


Our resource packet for clients contains helpful information on detailed options for rehoming a pet. For an email or text containing all of the information on rehoming including a link to the resource packet, use this link.

Foster Care

If the owner is wanting to have someone foster their pet due to a personal crisis, there are several options:


Rehabilitation center

If they need to enter a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center, has a list of centers that allow pets.


Domestic violence

For victims of domestic violence, the Women’s Resource Center in Norman has Daisy’s Place. If the owner needs financial assistance for boarding, she can try Red Rover



Military personnel that are being deployed can try:

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet

Operation Noble Foster

Dogs on Deployment

Pact for Animals


Owner illness

If the owner has medical issues, s/he can try Pact for Animals



We can try and look for a foster, but we don’t provide foster services so the owner would need to have an agreement with an individual. We do have a sample of a contract here. The owner would also need to fill out an information sheet about their pet so we can make sure we find a suitable foster home.

Cat information sheet

(or you can do an online questionnaire)

Dog information sheet

(or you can do an online questionnaire)

To create an email or text with the information about fostering, use this link.

Foster Care



If we don’t have access to specific supplies, we can certainly reach out to try and find items such as dog houses and crates. Let the owner know we can post for donations and reach out to other organizations to see what’s available. 



Unchain OK (website)

Email/Text content for tethering


If the owner is looking for options to tethering, Unchain Oklahoma may be able to provide them with assistance:

Unchain Oklahoma


We can supply crates when we have them available or can ask for one to be donated. We can also ask for some fencing or kennel supplies.

For an email on tethering and options, here is a link.


Lost and Found Animals

Lost and found website


Norman ordinances require people report any animal they find to Norman Animal Welfare. They do not necessarily need to take the animal to the shelter, but they do need to report they found the animal. People can report their lost animals there as well, and are encouraged to use their online system that allows them to upload a photo as well. All lost and found animals are searchable through their online system.


If a person keeps a stray animal longer than 14 days, they are considered the owner and will have to go through the owner relinquishment process to take the animal to the shelter. The shelter has often had extended wait periods for owner surrenders, so please encourage people to take animals to the shelter they don’t intend on keeping. 


Our website has a page dedicated to lost and found information for Norman residents that explains how to report animals online and has links to commonly used social media sites that people use for lost and found animals. There is also information on helpful hints that may reunite them with their pet.


If someone has lost an animal that has a St. Francis rabies tag, you can find the owner’s information from our software program, Vetter

  • Username:

  • PW: KeepURPet2019

  • Click on “Patients” from the menu bar at the top

  • Type in the rabies tag number in the search box on the top right

  • Click on the patient’s name that appears

  • Beside the patient’s name in red, hover over or click on the owner’s name for contact information


You’ll need to get the finder’s information and contact the owner yourself to give him or her the finder’s information.

Lost and Foud


Email/text content for donors


We accept monetary donations through PayPal, Facebook, or they can be mailed to our address. We accept items at our donation stations or they can contact us through Facebook or email to arrange a porch pick-up from their home. 


If owners have unused medications, we can accept flea and tick preventatives but we can't take other prescription medications. 

If owners have pet supplies or food they would like to donate, our donation sites are:

  • Norman Animal Welfare,  3428 Jenkins Avenue

  • Village Veterinary Hospital, 3750 W. Robinson Ste. 160

  • Alameda Animal Hospital, 431 12th Ave SE

  • A1 Pet Emporium, 3700 W. Robinson Ste. 148A

  • Annie's Ruffhouse, 1043 N. University

For an email or text offering ways to donate, use this link



Email/text content for volunteers


If someone is interested in volunteering, please tell them we have a form to fill out online to get more information about their interests and special talents. Please send them this information about how to fill out the application. If they don’t have access to the internet, here is a form we can mail. 

Human Resources


If a client contacts us or asks about assistance with services for herself or himself, here is an extensive list of resources available for people.

Human Resources
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