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We have monthly deliveries as well as deliveries from people who call us needing temporary assistance. We use the larger bags on the right side of storage for all of these deliveries.

If the delivery has any paperwork that needs to be delivered (i.e. a spay/neuter form or monthly assistance form), it is all located in a folder on top of the small plastic drawers.


If any pet supplies are needed for the delivery, almost all of our supplies are located in containers at the back of the storage unit. Medium and large sized crates are delivered by Dr. Tyler. 


There is a box of treats in the far corner if you would like to include treats with the delivery.

If you are interested in helping with deliveries, please let Dr. Tyler know. You can either volunteer to do individual deliveries on a certain day of the week on an as needed basis, or help out with monthly deliveries on the third Saturday of the month.

If you sign up for individual deliveries, you'll be sent an email the day before the delivery that includes all of the information you'll need to do the delivery.

When you complete a delivery to an individual or to the small food pantries, there is a form to fill out. There is no form for the monthly deliveries. 

Individual Delivery Form

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Delivery PP form.png

Pantry Delivery Form

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